Drive Traffic and Close Sales Using Website Optimization

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Killer website design is not something you can ignore and expect success. Small and medium-sized companies are using website optimization to attract and grow their business, and you need to enter the fray if you hope to remain competitive.

Implementing a digital marketing plan for your company doesn’t need to be complicated. Using an experienced web hosting company that specializes in small business website design and web development allows you to hand the reins to folks who know what to do and how to do it. This leaves you free to run your company.

Website Design Fuels Growth

An attractive website allows you to showcase your products and services and is a fundamental component of digital marketing. Some businesses try to use their social media pages as a replacement for a website, but they are not interchangeable. Local web design allows you to take advantage of local link building, and you can use web optimization to push your website to the top of search engine result pages.

Email Marketing Builds Connections

Quality website design is the first step toward growing your business’s online presence, but it isn’t the only one. Developing an email marketing program allows you to develop a more personal relationship with your customers. Email campaigns keep customers up to date on new products, notify them of sales, and provide information related to your business.

Successful email marketing is tricky. Collecting email addresses requires a level of trust from your customer. Once you have that information, you don’t want to abuse it by sending emails too frequently or with content that could be considered spam. Working with a marketing agency that understands the nuances involved in email marketing campaigns allows you to benefit from this valuable resource.

Social Media Advertising Builds Brand Awareness

Social media advertising allows you to target your ideal customer on the platform they are most likely to use. Utilizing social media advertising effectively requires you to understand who your target customer is and what problem they are facing that you have the solution for.

If your business isn’t currently using its own social media channels, now is the time to invest in them as well. As you work to expand your business’s presence through website optimization and digital marketing, your social media platforms are an important link.

Social media provides the opportunity to express your company’s personality and provide a more informal approach to information sharing. It is also an easy way to answer questions and address concerns with customers. Social media makes sharing easy, so it is important to guard against becoming too casual on these platforms. Professional posts and prompt responses are the keys to successful social media pages. Defensiveness and jokes, memes, and shares that are in poor taste or don’t reflect your business’s identity have no place on these sites.

If you are ready to explore all of the ways digital marketing can grow your business and want more information about website design and optimization, social media help, or advice on running an email campaign, get in touch with Stratdigize. They are a small marketing agency full of passionate, knowledgeable folks who want to help your company succeed.