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Ecommerce-Focused Web Design Services

Here’s why businesses choose to partner with Stratdigize

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, having a website that stands out is crucial. We are a web agency that specializes in small to medium-sized ecommerce websites. Our websites are feature-rich and tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. We make sure your website looks great and performs well by combining innovative design with advanced functionality. Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing site, we can elevate your online presence.

Journey-Focused Web Design

Enhance your online store’s effectiveness with our journey-focused web design. Our cutting edge designs make it easy for customers to go from learning about your products to buying them. We create our websites to enhance the appearance of your products and attract your target audience. Enjoy websites that look great and work well, specially made for the needs of your Ecommerce businesses.

Ecommerce Development

Make your website a great place to shop with our design services. We build online stores that are easy to use and fun to shop in so you can connect better with your customers. Our websites have intelligent layouts, easy-to-follow navigation, and clear displays of your products. This helps get more customers interested and buying from you. We ensure your website shows off your products and meets the unique needs of online stores, helping turn shoppers into buyers.

Responsive Web Design

Make shopping easy for your customers with our responsive high quality web design. Your website will be simple to navigate, helping customers find what they need quickly. They’ll enjoy visiting your site more often and staying longer, which can lead to more sales. Our designs look good on all devices, ensuring your website appears great on phones, tablets, and computers. We focus on creating a smooth and clear shopping experience for everyone.

Search Engine Optimization​​

Get your products and services noticed by search engines like Google. Our team at Stratdigize makes sure your business stands out online. We focus on making your website easy to find, so more customers can discover what you’re selling. Our strategy is all about bringing more people to your site, helping your business grow. We employ smart SEO techniques that effectively work for businesses like yours, ensuring that the right customers see you.

Management and Security

Keep your website running smoothly and safely with our management and security services. We take care of the technical stuff, making sure your site is always up-to-date and working well. Plus, we focus on keeping it secure from online threats, giving you and your customers peace of mind. Our service means less worry for you about website problems, so you can focus more on selling your products. We handle the behind-the-scenes work to ensure your ecommerce site is safe and reliable.

Analytics & Tracking

Keep an eye on how your website is doing with our analytics service. At Stratdigize, we track things like how many people visit your pages and which words they used to find you. We find out which parts of your site are working well and where we can make things better. Our team watches your website to catch any problems that might be bothering your visitors. We’re always on the lookout to make sure your customers have a great time on your site, helping your business grow.

At the heart of our approach is a fusion of imagination and invention, where bold ideas meet practical solutions. We specialize in creating distinctive designs that not only attract but also motivate action. Ready to transform your digital footprint in a remarkable way?

Transparent Pricing, Tailored Results

Understanding the Value Behind Your Investment

Discover how we set prices for small businesses and large online businesses to make your digital ideas happen. Here, we explain what goes into our pricing and the great results you can look forward to. We make sure every dollar you spend helps make your online presence strong and successful. Take a look at our prices and see how they match up with what you want for a great ecommerce website.

Aligning with Your Vision

We start by understanding what you want to achieve with your website. This helps us make our work just right for your business, making sure your website does more than just look good – it helps you succeed. We craft our ecommerce development services to help you achieve your goals.

Understanding Your Customers

Knowing who your website is for is just as important as knowing what it’s for. We dive into who your audience is and what they need, using this insight to shape a site that speaks directly to your market.

Project Scale and Complexity

The size and intricacy of your website project determine our approach. From a simple, clean online store to a more complex, feature-rich site, we adjust our strategy to meet the specific demands of your project.

Clear Outcomes For Your Business

missoula montana web hosting wpengine

Web Hosting Done Right

With hosting speed and security in mind.

Strategize offers great web hosting to make sure your website runs smoothly and safely. We’ve teamed up with a top hosting company, WP engine, to give you the best service. Your site will have SSL certificates for safety, backups every day, and regular security checks.

We work hard to keep your website safe and always online, so you can focus on what’s important for your customers. We want to ensure your ecommerce store is running at full capacity.

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Your New Website Development Journey

A Clear Path to Solving Your Ecommerce Challenges

Embark on a structured journey with us as we transform your ecommerce ideas into a functional and appealing website. We designed our six-step process to address and solve the unique challenges of your online business. We focus on your business goals throughout the entire process, making sure your website looks good and meets your needs. We gear our ecommerce website development process towards optimizing your businesses success.

Join us as we take a focused, problem-solving approach to develop your successful online presence.

Step 1. Establishing Your Vision - Defining Goals

We start by building a strong base for your website. This first step is all about understanding what you want to achieve. We'll work closely with you to identify your main website goals that fit perfectly with what your business needs. Our aim is to create a clear picture of your dream website and set out a plan to track our progress all the way to launch day.

Step 2. Uncovering Opportunities - Discovery Phase

In this second step, we dive deep to find what can make your website stand out. We start by looking closely at your current website's data. This includes checking where your visitors come from, how your pages are doing, and your conversion rates to spot the best chances for improvement.

Then, we'll have a discovery meeting. Here, we'll discuss our findings and look at possible ways to make your site better. This is also your chance to tell us about any changes or new ideas you want for your website.

Step 3. Crafting the Plan - Strategic Development

After our discovery phase, we move on to create a detailed plan for your website. This is where we decide on the vital parts of your site such as, number of pages, navigation, and visual look. These will determine how we'll guide visitors to make purchases or take other actions.

We will create a guide for website strategy based on our knowledge of effective practices.

We'll then share this strategy with you, giving you the chance to review it, suggest changes, and approve it before we proceed.

Step 4. Building the Foundation - Designing the Layout

In this crucial step, we lay the technical groundwork for your website. We start by setting up the hosting, ensuring your site has a reliable and secure place to live online.

Next, we select and install the right Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to easily manage your website content. We provide essential plugins and tools for your website. These additions include shopping carts for online shopping and contact forms for customer inquiries.

This stage is about creating a strong foundation for your website to succeed in the online market.

Step 5. Bringing It All Together - Design & Development

Now that we have the basic structure, we move on to making your website look and work great. In this design and development phase, we focus on both looks and function.

First, we design your website to match your brand's style. We pick the right fonts, colors, and images that speak to your audience and fit your brand perfectly.

Next, we add the technical parts. Our skilled team will write the code and use the best tools to make sure your website runs without any hitches. This includes adding features like contact forms and online shopping functions.

We link your website to tools you use, such as customer management, email marketing, and social media. We make sure these integrations work smoothly so your website runs efficiently.

Step 6. Grand Opening - Launching Your Website

The big day is here – launching your website! But first, we do a thorough final check to make sure everything is perfect. This includes a few key steps:

We go over all the content – like checking the décor in a new house. We look for any mistakes, like wrong pictures, typos, or parts of the design that don't match.

Next, we test all the links on your site. We make sure every link takes your visitors exactly where it should, whether it's a page on your site or another website.

Lastly, we check how your website looks and works on different browsers and devices. We want to be sure that no matter where your customers are or what device they're using, your website always looks good and is easy to use.

All in One Website Design Solution

Result driven professional website design.

Bring your products and services to the digital world with Stratdigize Web Design Services. We will build and host your website, market it on the web, and keep your site and visitors safe and secure.

Offer online shoppers a mobile-friendly site, free of errors and duplicate content. We maintain your website with fresh, exciting material.

Attract local customers by letting search engines know the location of your business and how they can reach you.

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